16 May 2016

Summer Marketing Ideas for Hotels


summer marketing ideas

The sun is shining, the sky is blue and… it is time to put your summer marketing ideas on and prepare the scene for an unforgettable – and profitable, of course – summertime for your hotel. The temperature is getting high and so does people’s need for some travel fun. You are at the right place at the right time. You have a beautiful hotel and it is the most exciting time of the year. Are you going to waste the chance to earn big time? I didn’t think so.

Where do you start? Simple enough. Start from trusting your hotel’s potential to offer an unparalleled summertime to your guests. Then, think of all the possible means you could employ to make your hotel the hottest destination. This will not be the same for all of you but I trust you all have something special to offer your guests during the warmest months of the year. After that, you do not have much to do. You just need to contact some experts on the field and let them advise you on the best marketing ideas for the summer season. But before you do that, let me share some ideas with you…

Sunny season – Sunny image

Start your marketing efforts from making it crystal clear to your potential guests that your hotel has already welcomed summer and you should do the same by planning a getaway. All your online channels should be reminding of the most joyful and carefree season of the year. Decorate your website with your hotel’s photos and add pics of happy guests from last year to your social media accounts (that can also been done from the guests themselves, but that’s another discussion we’ll have in the near future). You can also add photos of your staff enjoying the sun in your facilities while serving in the best possible manner your guests.

In-house summertime fun

Summer lays on the same line with fun. Therefore, you should focus on some outdoor fun in your premises. Organize and advertise events that relate to the season and make sure that you make it as obvious as possible that you are planning all these special occasions just for the summer season. You could try barbecue nights or outdoor activities that require high temperatures and a relaxing summer mood. Moreover, you should update your bar’s menu to include some refreshing summer cocktails and make sure you advertise your hotel’s spots where someone can enjoy a summer night with a delicious drink and endless conversations.

Precious family time

Summer tends to be the most prevailing season for family vacations. So, you should absolutely add some family packages and offers. When planning them, you have to consider which of your amenities would interest a family, cooperate with locals to add some discounts on family attractions (it can be a zoo, outdoor activities or anything that would attract children), how to present your family or interconnected rooms, talk about services that relate to them, include child safety information, events that could host guests of all ages (including toddlers and kids) and, last but not least, special offers that could be defined either by the number of nights or number of family members.

Summer fun with the locals

During this season there are way more events organized than during other months. What I would suggest at this point is to, first, learn as much as you can about local events. Talk to locals and ask them to inform you on new things that come up and try to ask for special prices exclusively for your hotel guests. Same with local newspapers. Then, add a page on your website with a summer-things-to-do title. Even if you do not manage to get special deals from locals, you can add all the info needed to plan an exciting summer vacation. There will absolutely be guests that will appreciate your effort to plan their trip for them.

All in all, think of all the possibilities for summer fun near or in your hotel and promote them properly. But to do it in the most effective way possible talk to our team and let them share the best practices for your hotel’s exclusive needs and type.