27 June 2016

Summer Fun & UGC


UGC ideas

I guess this is one of the busiest periods for your hotel in terms of guests arriving to your premises. Thus, it is your greatest chance to take the most out of this “summer traffic” for your hotel’s benefit. Not just for the summer but for the months to come. How are you going to do this? By making your guests your most fanatical brand ambassadors. Let me be more specific… We have already discussed the power of UGC for any marketing strategy and this time of the year is your best chance to use this power. For those of you who are not yet into UGC I will give you a short definition.

User generated content is any form of content produced by unpaid creators. In other words, it is content created by your audience or customer pool. It can come in many forms but it is mostly part of social media marketing campaigns. It can be a blog post, a photo, a comment, a video or any kind of content the contributor crafts for your hotel.

The power of this kind of content derives from its originality and authenticity. Potential hotel guests will be importantly more prompt to trust content that comes from unpaid sources than content that comes from your advertisers. Moreover, UGC tends to drive higher levels of engagement and virality thanks to its nature that tends to be way more human-looking and “real”. All in all UGC is a great way to market and promote your hotel without spending a penny. 

Today, we are going to discuss some UGC social media campaigns you can run in July and August in order to boost your hotel’s web presence and reputation for the coming months.

Idea #1 – Underwater competition

Summer it’s all about swimming and fun in the sea – or the swimming pool. Therefore, you should bring this fun to your hotel’s social media accounts. Run a competition for the funniest underwater photo and offer an attractive prize so that you boost participation. Give a 15-day period for the end of the competition so that you give time to your participants to share their photos and ask for engagement from their social followers. This way, your guests will amuse themselves by sharing their underwater fun and you will earn visibility without adding to your online marketers workload. Win-win situation!

Idea #2 – Sand Architecture

Considering that your hotel is located in a beautiful sandy beach, you can run a similar competition as the one mentioned before, but this time make your guests the most inventive architects of all times. Define a 2-hour period for a week (let’s say every evening from 6 to 8pm) and ask them to run to the beach and create beautiful sandy castles or anything they wish. Then ask them to share it on social media and offer a free dinner to the winner. This competition will be very attractive as it will be fun for all ages!

Idea #3 – Sunset Selfie

This will be an effective UGC campaign for all kinds and types of hotels as it doesn’t require a specific location (sea, beach and so on). Selfies are the next big thing. Sunsets are adored by the majority of people all over the world. Combine those two and promote your brand like a pro. Run another photo competition that will require from your guests to take a selfie during sunset. Once again, make sure you offer a nice prize in return and you will have your social media pages filled with beautiful photos and happy guests.

Idea #4 – Questioning Time

Apart from photo contents, you can run a UGC campaign through which you will ask your guests to comment on a status you add on your Facebook page (for example). What I would is to ask a question like “How would you describe your time in our premises with one word?”. The answer with the most likes will win something in return and your potential guests will be very keen on coming to your hotel as they will already have an idea of their time there because of that question. That easy!

Last but not least, make sure than when you run such campaigns you ask your guests to include a special hashtag (that can be any from your hashtag campaigns) tag themselves and add location. If there is no mention of your hotel, there is no use in running such campaigns.

Tip! If you need further advice or assistance on running effective UGC campaigns you can consult our social media experts!