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What we do:

1. Hotel industry research

We research, analyze and we use the appropriate statistical data in order to provide you with a broader understanding of your hotel’s position in the market. We identify all profit opportunities in the constantly involving meta search engines and OTAs, but also in the international market.

2. Strategic sales plan

New trends are emerging, the travel market is changing and we are trying to define the best pricing policy and sales strategy. By conducting detailed research and analysis of the distribution channels, pricing and competition, we get a better insight on the development of your hotel's sales strategy.

3. Sales management system

We offer a range of tools that allow hotels to monitor and manage their sales channels in order to develop their own strategies. Our room allocation system includes a channel manager, a booking engine and a rate shopping tool with detailed data of hotel pricing, presented in real time.

1. Sales optimization

Let us manage your hotel sales. We have the knowledge & the appropriate tools to control all channels. We will help you beat competition with rate and yielding techniques in real time, predicting trends & responding to the market’s changes from online agencies & booking sites.

2. Sales monitoring

We monitor the effectiveness and the functionality of a website and a booking engine by using the latest scientific methods in the hospitality industry. We apply conversion A/B Testing in order to evaluate a web page’s performance. This analysis gives us a full report with conversion rates.

3. Advertising campaigns

We focus on strategic advertising. We develop unique distribution offers that match each hotel’s needs. We evaluate all advertising channels available in order to decide on the right plan. We combine ad campaigns with the most advanced SEO techniques in order to boost your hotel’s online image.