28 December 2015

New Year’s Resolutions



It is the most wonderful time of the year but among the joyful celebrations and the gifts, you should not forget that with the rise of the New Year you should make sure that your hotel is 100% prepared, not just to welcome 2016 but to do it right. Businesswise, we could split New Year’s Resolutions in three different parts that, although they seem different, they are notably interconnected. Therefore, when it comes to your hotel business, your resolutions should concern your branding, web presence and online bookings.

Resolution #1: Online Branding for Industry Leaders

In 2016, you have to turn your hotel to an industry leader. You have to beat all competitors and place your brand at the top on the list of similar properties. (If you are already there, you have to make sure that you keep your position). Before you start planning, though, make sure that you start from some basic questions. Branding is all about consistency. You should perfectly understand your business’ needs and your audience’s characteristics. You also have to monitor and evaluate last year’s performance to make the right plans for the future. Define your goals and objectives and avoid all branding tactics that brought back zero popularity or profit to your business. Then, you have to make sure that you focus almost exclusively to online branding, as we are witnessing a tremendous increase in the use of the Internet. In fact, the future of hotel branding is on the web. To follow that trend, you have to focus extensively on your digital marketing techniques and take care of your attitude towards web communication.

Resolution #2: Bewitching Web Presence

Which brand would welcome 2016 without an astonishing web presence? None. If you consider that almost two thirds of reservations are made via web channels, your web presence is your new sales representative. You have to employ all the available web channels and tools but, most of all, you have to make sure that you never stop adding to your online toolkit. This year, you have to follow the latest industry trends. Get a new website, focus on mobile marketing and local SEO, invest in a mobile app, make social media your top digital marketing priority, boost 2-way communication and engagement, provide quality content, be present, be human (reply, comment, engage), evolve and make sure you comply to UX rules. Your first priority should always be the customer experience. You need to follow and satisfy your potential guests throughout the customer journey because if you miss, even for one second, then you miss the profit as well.

Resolution #3: Increase Online Bookings

Your bet in 2016 should be to increase bookings. Not bookings in general. You should pay considerable attention to online bookings you get directly from your website. Although it is quite convenient to earn profit from OTAs and other channels, your ace is your hotel’s website. For numerous reasons, with the most important being the absence of commission and third party fees, direct bookings should be your ultimate goal. To do so, you first have to accomplish the previous two goals. Then, direct bookings will “naturally” arrive. In addition, you have to educate your sales team and lead them towards a more contemporary approach; that of quality and content marketing. The shift from traditional selling techniques to modern ones should be prompt and quick. There is no time for trial and errors. The only way to success is through your online sales channels and the only outcome should be the booking. Focus on exceptional customer service via your web tools, quality content and customer-centric approach.

To sum up, if your number 1 professional wish is to watch your hotel business reach new heights, you have to focus on the improvement of three main points: web presence, branding and sales optimization. In the way we talked about them in this point, they might all sound either as child’s play or as a nightmare. Either way, it is not easy to succeed in all of them given the fact that our industry is the most competitive one. However, there is a way to fulfill all your hotel’s needs and satisfy your thirst for fame and profit. This is no other than coming with us and let our experienced team handle all your hotel’s issues.