6 April 2016

Easter Marketing Tips


Easter marketing tips for hotels

Easter is just around the corner and you should already be planning your Easter Marketing efforts. Although Easter might not excite as many people as Christmas do, that does not mean that you should not take the most out of your chances to take the most out of your chances to boost your hotel’s image and of course your revenue. No matter how many days a holiday lasts or how joyful the mood is – you do not always need a Christmas tree to celebrate – you have to make sure that you do not miss the chance to help your business stand out and attract more guests. Today, we are going to discuss the way you can plan a great Easter marketing campaign.

First off, you should absolutely prepare special Easter packages in terms of accommodation. Even if travelers might not spend many days away from home during Easter time, most of them will at least spend a couple of days off. Therefore, you should create and promote special packages that will absolutely feature some Easter characteristics. Firstly, give the package a name that includes the word “Easter” so that you give a sense of urgency and time limits. Moreover, include something Eastery to the package. This can be a free dinner, a lunch or any Easter treat. No matter how you decide to build your Easter special offer package you have to promote it properly through email marketing and your web pages in order to build awareness and create a sense of urgency.

Secondly, you have to employ your hotel’s social media manager to your Easter marketing efforts. In situations as such, social media can play a vital role in boosting your image and profit. The first thing you could do is to run a photo competition. That could be “Which is your best Easter experience so far?”, “The funniest Easter incident caught on camera” and so on. In order to engage people and increase the number of participants you should absolutely give an interesting prize. Then, you could run a hashtag campaign that should include a word that would remind your social media followers of Easter – eggs, bunnies etc. The same hashtag could be used on all networks to increase engagement and awareness. Another way to excite your audience is to post quizzes on Facebook. The topic could be “What’s you favorite Easter tradition?”, “What’s your favorite Easter food”, “What’s your favorite destination for Easter?” and so on. Same with competitions, you should offer a nice gift in return in order to increase engagement. In the case of the favorite food, for example, you could give a free Easter meal for free for the answer that got the most “likes”. No matter which road you choose to follow when it comes to social media, you will boost engagement but most of all you will get user-generated content which is absolutely desirable when it comes to digital marketing.

Thirdly, you should decorate your hotel website in order to heat up the festive mood. Add some Easter patterns in your overall design and post photos of last year’s Easter holiday season in your premises. Visitors will be affected by your website if it reminds them of the holiday season and if you do your job right and amaze them, they will absolutely want to come visit this year and become part of your Easter celebrations. That can only mean one thing: you should pay attention to the photos you post as they need to be professional, relevant and, most of all, truthful. In other words, don’t make a visual promise of fireworks on the beach if your hotel is located on the cliff. Furthermore, except for your hotel’s online presence, you should also focus on the hotel per se. In other words, if guests are intrigued by the overall Easter marketing campaign you are running but when they arrive at your premises they find nothing close to the holiday spirit then you just missed the chance to increase retention. Decorate your public spaces, add something Eastery to your guestrooms and make sure that your staff is promoting the Easter spirit as well.

To sum up, no matter what the occasion is you have to grab the opportunity and take the most out of any holiday/vacation/seasonal celebration. The majority of people tend to be much keener to traveling during holidays than during a regular weekend. So, seize the chance to persuade your audience. There are only three weeks left.