About us

Prolific eCommerce Solutions!
We are not just an agency.
We are a strategic partner.


We are a team of experts in digital marketing and hospitality. Our company’s name defines us. We have the hotel business printed on our genes. Our team consists of professionals with proven experience in the hotel industry but also on all digital marketing and e-commerce fields. We are not just building a hotel’s brand and advertising campaigns, but we focus on extensive planning for all steps needed in order to build a strong sales channel that will lead in profit, according to your overall strategy and targets. We are a Hotel e-Commerce Agency that bases all its activities on performance by giving considerable emphasis on online branding. Our unique services start by developing a strong digital strategy and ends with proven positive results and increase in sales. Hotelgene stands out thanks to our expertise and extensive knowledge that leads to long-term profitability and success.

Our Focus

Our focus is to increase profitability that comes from the Internet, quickly and effectively, with the use of the most innovative digital marketing and e-commerce techniques.

Our Mission

Our mission is to overpass the web borders, to redefine a hotel’s online presence and to help hotels evolve in order to exceed their own limits.